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Professional and environmentally friendly

FRASSUR Entsorgungsdienste GmbH is available not only with technical advice, we also provide a full service and help you to solve your problems. Professional and environmentally friendly.

The issue of disposal does not end with just carrying away the waste material. In addition to transportation and recycling we operate also in sorting and shipment – all in order to both satisfying your needs and bringing back recycled materials into the economical cycle as much as possible. A full service we are proud of.


Container service

We provide skips and roll-off from 2 to 40m³ of rubble, construction sites, commercial and industrial waste for permanent disposal or occasional disposal. In addition, we also rent or sell complete waste balers, compactors and waste disposal.

Special waste disposal

A special field of our company is the special waste disposal. Absorbent, combustible and hazardous waste materials is collected and carried with SUCTION PRESSURE TANK CARS in suitable containers. All relevant containers are licensed for dangerous goods.

Material recycling

One of the important tasks we are dealing with is the recycling of various materials. Waste is not worthless and it often contains recyclable materials, which we bring back into the cycle of the economy. Thus, we relieve resources by guaranteeing a valuable contribution to environmental protection – on behalf of our clients.


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